Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My NOT Posting Week

I had made a decision that I was not going to do any posting this week. As I have sat here reading blogs from all of you and just watching the comments that have come into my blog, I decided one post needed to be made.

I went to moderated my comments when I was receiving adds and comments that truly unsuitable and offensive. Now I know that none of these have come from any of you, my fellow blog friends!

It has been rather interesting here this week, to suddenly have someone or a couple of Anonymous readers step up to post comments on my blog. I am not sure if it is the same person, nor who it is, but I wanted to address it. I know that people from all over have access to read my blog as well as any blog placed on the Internet and I appreciate knowing when you have stopped by.

To this particular person however that left this comment, (which I did not publish):

“Could not find a suitable section so I written here, how to become a moderator for your forum, that need for this?”

First of all I do not need a moderator, I am very capable of moderating my own blog. This blog is not a forum, hence the word blog. Not only that but why would I want a moderator who for one reason or another does not have any proper grammar structure? If your lack of grammar is due to not fully speaking the English language then please except my apologies.

Now due to the nature of my blog, and the grammar content of this comment I can’t help but wonder if I am not able to guess who you are. I can not keep you from reading my blog and am in no way attempting to prevent you from reading my blog. Yet, while this is an open blog and free for anyone to read, you are definitely welcome to read it as you see fit. Just know that “NO” I do not need a moderator and that “NO” this is not a forum.

TO MY DEAR BLOG FRIENDS!  I am in no way meaning this post to be offensive to any of you in any way. I know that none of you would leave comments like I have described. Also to my anonymous, I am in no way asking that you do not read my blog nor post where you feel something is of interest to you.

I truly just wanted to address this anonymous reader and let you know that I do not need a moderator. Thank you.

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  1. Debbie, I appreciate this post. I am so tired of comments coming to me as well that are just rude. I have been moderating comments from the beginning, and believe me, I reject plenty!!

    I am currently really comtemplating making my blog private again, as it was when I began blogging a year ago. Although I love some comments and truly love sharing ideas with others, I am so tired of what I feel is becoming "blogger drama" for a lack of better words.

    Good luck--and ignore that person!!

  2. I moderate my comments as well. I also get plenty of anonymous spam as well as comments that just tell me to go to the commentator's blog. RUDE!

  3. As you know I am a software professional. What you experienced is most likely a robot comment. Ironically, it will happen more often if your blog is set to moderated comments without verification code. I suggest that if you decide to go to moderated comments you keep verification in place.

  4. Sorry to hear about the strange comments, but I hope you enjoy a week off, anyway!

  5. Sigh, aren't those frustrating? I got the exact same comment. So, I think I"m going with Natalie it's a bot of some sort.

  6. You know, over the last two weeks I have started getting alot of blog "spam" as well.