Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Selena Discovered Patterns!


Though we have used plenty of patterns in our schooling, today for some reason it just clicked with Selena. We are studying the letter “Ii” so I got out the ruler and was showing her the numbers on it. We talked a bit about inches. I had cut pieces of paper in one inch increments from one inch to ten inches. I did all odd numbers in orange, and all even numbers in blue.

She had to start with the one inch piece and go to the next size and so on.  She didn’t quite understand the ruler and measuring them which was fine, but she did get the idea of the sizes and which one went next. I had her glue these onto another piece of paper in the order she placed them. She studied it very closely and at first said it looked like a saxophone, she meant a xylophone.


All of a sudden it clicked with her that it was a pattern. She jumped and ran to tell PaPa she had just made her first pattern, before I could get a picture of her with it. Once she discovered that we went numbered each piece and she thought that was pretty neat too. When we were all done, and she finished boasting to PaPa, she came running in and informed me, “Your so smart Grandma! Congratulations!”

We will do more pattern work this week, using this as our example. Look for more in our weekly update!

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  1. I love it, your so smart Grandma. She is just the sweetest.

    Congrats on your patterning Selena.

  2. So exciting! Its amazing watching little ones learn and explore.

  3. This is so cute. It's amazing to see the little ones when something clicks for them.

  4. We still need to work on patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You really ARE so smart, Grandma! :) I love the "congratulations!" part, lol! That's so great that she got it, I'm waiting for patterns to "click" with Matthew too. At this point I am not sure they ever will. :) The inches and colored papers were a great idea!!

  6. Congrats! That is such a fun moment when it all clicks.

  7. First, thanks for linking up again!

    It is super that Selena got the patterns down! We are working on that one. This is something pretty hard for Joe to grasp and we don't work on it too much because it frustrates him right now:-).

    I am glad you had this moment of learning with Selena!!