Friday, October 16, 2009

What We Are Reading


Since we decided to extend our library books for two weeks, and spend more time in the books with Selena, I thought I would review some of the books that Selena truly enjoyed when she was younger. With Christmas coming up it seems we all know someone who has that younger child so here are some of our favorite books that would make great Christmas presents!

The Baby Bible Selena loved this Bible. This was her very first Bible. With it’s hard pages it is perfect for the young readers. Believe me Selena used it for teething as much as she did reading! It is wonderfully illustrated with so many colors sure to catch the eye of a young child. The stories are broke down into simple sentences and even give suggestions for fine motor skill exercises such as Close your eyes, Open your eyes, Point to yourself etc… This is a great beginning Bible.

Playpegs This book, Play Pegs On the Farm by Lizzy McClure was another one of Selena’s Favorites. The Peg Puzzle sits above the book, as the child reads the story they choose the correct Peg to finish the Scene. The illustrations are very colorful, and again the pages are hard, and the peg pieces are large enough that even the youngest reader would have fun. Selena still enjoys this book very much.

Adam We loved these books, there are 4 total, The Story of Adam & Eve, Moses, Joseph, and Noah’s Ark. Again these are hard paged books, with great illustrations. Each page has a flap that the child folds down or over to reveal the end of the story. I liked the fact that the flaps have a cut out for the child to stick their little finger in making it easier for them to manipulate the flap. I love books that have folding flaps, but some are harder for little hands to manipulate, these were perfect when Selena was younger!



These two books were probably my best find ever. I discovered them at Big Lots. These are the books that Selena learned her alphabet and numbers from. I still plan on using them to help Selena learn to write her letters and numbers. The letters and numbers are indented so the child can follow their shapes with a finger. A real must have!

Usborne We actually have 7 books by Usborne Bible Tales, that we enjoyed very much. They are all paper back and a few have seen their days, but truly the illustrations, though I thought were a little busy, kept Selena’s attention and helped her to learn the stories. We have the above, and also Joseph and his Amazing Coat, Jonah and the Whale, The Good Samaritan, Daniel and the Lions, Loaves and Fishes, and The Easter Story. The stories are very simple for the younger child. I know Selena sure enjoyed them, and the books speak to that with the tattered pages.

Come on over to Mouse Grows and Mouse Learns to see what others are reading. Please join in we would love to get more ideas for our wish lists!

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  1. We had one of those peg puzzles when the boys were little. They were wildly popular.

  2. The Noah's Ark book looks like a great one for this story. We have that same Adam and Eve book too.

  3. I love the letter and number books - I would love to find those somewhere, I've never seen them before. These are great suggestions for small children - thank you! We have that Adam and Eve flap book (as well as the others in the series)!

  4. I think im going to look into getting that baby bible for Christmas, thanks!

  5. We haven't had the same books, but I totally agree with you - flaps, sturdy pages, bright colors and simple text are all sure signs of a good baby book. We had a fare share of them, and Anna still love to look at some of them. Thanks for sharing!