Saturday, October 17, 2009

Selena Photography & Rainy Day Fun

This all started last night. Selena was doing somersaults in the living room when she asked me to take pictures of her. If you haven’t figured it out Selena loves the camera! I got my camera thinking we would try once again to get some pictures of her somersaulting, but by the time I got back she had changed her mind. She decided to run around in circles and have me take pictures of her as she went by:

100_1649 Well I got her hand!


Where did she go?


Finally I caught up with her!

Now Selena decided it was her time to take pictures with the camera. After a long search for her camera, we gave in and let her take pictures with ours. I think she left her camera in my van, I will have to look next time we go somewhere. She likes to pack it with her a lot and pretends to take pictures, she always makes you look to so you can see the “blank” picture she took! Anyway here are her pictures:

100_1654Where is Grandpa?


Oh There he is! Hi Grandpa!


Ok Grandma your turn! No I was not expecting this!

It continue to just pour down here. A little bit ago I heard Selena giggling and laughing. I knew immediately that she was playing out her bedroom window. I snuck in on her with my camera! Now understand on rainy days we hang out in our PJs there is no since in getting dressed now really, that is what lazy days are for!


100_1658Ok Now I caught her!


Having Fun Yet!

Needless to say her little pony was soaked when she got done playing in the rain! Unlike me, Selena loves the rain and we can find her many times on rainy days, hanging toys out the window, her head out the window or just her hand trying to catch the rain. I don’t mind taking her out on rainy days to splash in puddles, or play, but when it is raining as hard as it has the last couple of days, I have to say I do have my limits!

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  1. This is a fun post. I find so many of these sort of "kid taken" photos on my camera. Hanna and Joe sneak my camera too often:-).

    Cute rain play too.

    Nice pics of you and Grandpa!! Always nice to see the ones who are usually "behind the scenes".

  2. I get a lot of the "take my picture" too, and it gets the same results yours did. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, but then I remember all the abuse my camera takes.
    I love the pictures she took, super cute, and the rainy day pictures. Isn't it funny the trouble they get into?

  3. What a hoot! I LOVE your pictures and the effort shown to "catch" your photographer's prey! :-)
    Also, I really like this plan to declare rainy days as pj days! We gotta start doing that!!

  4. Selena's pictures are actually pretty good. We haven't tried to give Anna a camera yet, and she never asked for it. Papa has taught her a difference between her toys and adults' toys very early on. I loved the last picture best - she has such a mischievous expression on her face.

  5. She is so funny! We've tried letting Matthew take pictures, but they are always of the floor or ceiling. And he loves, loves, loves, to play in the rain too! He always wants me to open a window so he can stick his hand out in the rain and play! Selena is such a cutie - I love that she wanted you to take pictures of her running by - that just really cracks me up!