Friday, October 9, 2009

What We Are Reading



It is that time again when, Thanks to Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns, that we get the great opportunity to share what we are reading. Selena and I read a lot of variety of books this week. We read really too many to list here so I will just highlight the best and the not so good that we found.


Spashy fins, Flashy Skins by Cynthia L. Copeland and Alexandra P. Lewis was a cute book with neat rhymes to introduce some of the different creatures of the sea. We enjoyed the illustrations, and the rhymes made it real fun to read. It really took our study on fish a step further for Selena and gave her a little bit more to think about.


Once Upon a Time This Morning by Anne Rockwell, illustrations by Sucie Stenvenson, has variety Once Upon a Time Stories. All very well illustrated, which really catches the eye of the child. I always loved Once Upon a Time Stories as a child, and thought I would expose Selena to a few. This was a very delightful book, not super fairy tale, which I enjoyed, but very cute.


Goose and Duck by Jean Craighead George, Illustrations by Priscilla Lamont was a very adorable story about a little boy who found both a goose egg and duck egg at the time they were hatching, the story gets very funny and interesting as it builds up to the end where the goose and duck finally figure out what type of birds they are and find their way home.


This is one of Selena’s favorite books, “A Potty for Me!” by Karen Katz. We discovered this book a while back at the Library. Selena enjoyed it so much that she related herself to the child in the book. She kept begging me for this book every time we went to the library, but unfortunately it had been checked out. We found it this week which thrilled Selena to no end. I highly recommend this book for anyone with young ones getting ready to potty train. It is very cute and truly on a child’s perspective.


Dappled Apples by Jan Carr, illustrated by Dorothy Donohue is a book that Selena selected, I loved the illustrations especially in the first half of the book. Dorothy Donohue really had a way of bringing the trees and children in the story to life. I wish however I would have spent a little longer looking the book over as when we got to the last half of the book, it turned to read Evil Fairy….That to me spoiled the story. Now I will be honest I am not a huge fan of Halloween, not a religious reason, but a personal reason, and we do not celebrate Halloween except for Harvest time, but I am not against exposing Selena to cute Halloween decorations, carved pumpkins, play costumes etc…. but the fact this book had to go as far as to cross into the “Evil Fairy” did not appeal to me. But believe me if you want a book with some of the greatest illustrations, this book goes far beyond the usual in that area!

Come on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and see what others are reading. While your there share with us what you are reading with your children!

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  1. The fish book looks very cute. I think that ocean/fish units are some of my favorites. There's way too many good books to share.

  2. Great reading week! All of your books are new to me except Potty for Me which is a favorite in our house. We are not big Halloween fans either and decorate for Fall, not for Halloween. Somehow I doubt that Dappled Apples will go over well here :)
    I am adding three entries for you in the getaway :)

  3. I have learn through a similiar experience to go through the books first before reading them with the kids.

    I loved the review of the fish book. I am sure my boys would love reading it. Thanks!

  4. I agree with going through books first before reading them with your child - I've haven't done this and have been sorry for it more than once! I think Once Upon a Time This Morning and Goose and Duck sound like books M would enjoy! I'll be seeing if our library has these for sure! Thank you!

  5. Goose and Duck sounds like a really cute book. I will have to request that one from our library. Thanks for this book idea!

  6. "Once Upon a Time This Morning" sounds very cute, I'll have to see if our library has it!