Friday, October 9, 2009

Letter “g” Growing


I enjoy Peschool Corner hosted by Homeschool Creations, it is a great time to share what we have been doing with our children during the week.

We had a good week, but a little quiet on the schooling scene. We talked about the letter Gg, and focused on “growing”. Selena continues to tend to her fish daily and even thinks they have grown a bit. She was busy with her own growing this week, potty training that is, and did very well. She went most of the week without her pull ups, throughout the day, except for naps or if we had to go somewhere, and I must admit we only had a couple of accidents! We talked about how this was even apart of her growing up.

She surprised me at the library this week, she knew exactly which book she wanted, it is one I rented from the library a while back when we were introducing potty training. Selena walked up to the librarian and asked her politely for “A Potty For Me”, I think the librarian at first thought Selena was asking where the bathroom was, so I quickly said no, she is talking about the book entitled that. The librarian went and found it for her, and Selena quickly ran to the table to start reading while I picked out the other books. Again we discussed how this was a part of growing up.

She is doing very well with her numbers and counting higher an higher all the time. I challenged her this week to count pennies according to how many I wanted her to count. She loved this activity and it will be one we will do frequently.


How I did this: I put the pennies in a dish,  then handed Selena a numbered piece of paper, she had to tell me what number was on the piece of paper, then count the correct number of pennies to represent that number.


Selena always enjoys cutting paper. She is doing so much better then when we first started with scissors.

100_1619 We checked out all the trees in our back yard, but I must admit that Selena was more interested in all the spiders that have taken up webs on her swing.

Selena earned the right to purchase her handbook for Awana Cubbies this week, so of course we had to begin the first section, which is a review of the verses she has learned thus far. There are some great activities to do with your child, and actually it worked in very well with the themes of this week.

Come on over to Homeschool Creations and check out what others are doing in their Preschool Corners, while your there join in the fun, we would love to see what you are doing as well.

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  1. Oh potty training. I remember that all too well and will be doing it again before too long. Sounds like Selena is doing very well. What a blessing. My son had a harder time with it all.

  2. A Potty For Me is one of Anna's favorites still. It's awesome that Selena is doing so well with growing and learning. Looking forward to learning more about her adventures.

  3. It is a great accomplishment for a child to not need pull ups during the day. Super good for her.

    Loved your counting activity. We do something similar - except I use sizzix cut outs for counting. I must remember to pull it out more often though.

    I've tended to not let the girls use the scissors since their game of hairdressers, I suppose I should - but just be diligent to supervise them more carefully. Their hair is starting to grow back now.

  4. She is growing up! I love the picture of her counting pennies and resting her chin on her hand - that looks very grown up! :) And I love the penny idea - I'll have to use that!

  5. OH, potty training:-). Not a favorite of mine, I must admit. I could do better in this area.

    We used to do the penny counting the same way!

    Seeing her cut reminded me of Joe. He loves to cut and has this same look on his face when he does.

    What is Awana Cubbies? I have never heard of it.

    You are so good with her school and I enjoy reading about what you do each week.

  6. Sigh, I hate potty training. We're doing it right now with Princess.
    I need to start working on verse memorization. I'm bad at it myself, so I haven't worked on it with them.