Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Week Review

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Selena and I had a fun week. We didn’t hit the workbooks this week. With winter upon us we took the time to go through all of our inside toys, books, puzzles, and reacquainted ourselves with them. We checked out a couple of new cartoons on Sprout for an evening wind down, there were a couple I found to be cute and they caught Selena’s eye as well. We do not watch a lot of TV here in the summer since we spend as much time as we can out side, but these winter months can be so long with the rains that I do admit we watch a bit more TV so long as it is tasteful. I prescreen everything that Selena watches and most of the time I try to sit and watch the cartoons with her, though I do find this hour spurt that is keeping her interest a good time to do things I need to get done here in the house.

We worked on her independence skills. She wants to be so independent now, which I do encourage, so long as it is still falling within my guidelines for manners, and appropriate behavior. Such as when we go to the store (excluding a large store where she MUST be in a cart), she is expected to stay at my side, not scream, nor touch, nor beg after I have said “NO” once! She has been doing very well in this area and loves to help me by carrying an item through the store. She has been really good at the check out to stand politely in line and wait our turn. Oh sure occasionally if the line is long she will look at the magazines, so long as she doesn’t take them out of the rack. If you haven’t guessed by now I to tend to be very strict when it comes to being in public. I will not tolerate a screaming, crying, whining kid that is running up and down the isles, pulling things off the shelves, or running into other shoppers.  We also took this time in the store while walking the isles to introduce how to find the prices, and how to read them. No, Selena doesn’t quite get the dollars and cents, but she will say the numbers.

She worked on some reading skills both here at home and on our trips to the store. She has surprised me on a regular basis as to how many words she is learning to read. One trip to Walmart proved to be very exciting when we turned to go down an isle and Selena started saying “Legs”, I looked around and I didn’t see any legs so I asked her, where? She grabbed the package of Leggs Panty hose, showed me the letters and said, “See Grandma, L e gg s, Leggs.” No arguing with her there! There have been many other instances where she has showed me words on mail, magazines, packaging, and in her books and just announced the words she is seeing.

Since we know she recognizes her first name very well, we did work a little on her last name, only to be informed she knew her last name and can at least spell the last part “gold”. She decided to remind me that she knows her address, and was asking about the phone, but no she is not getting the phone number just yet.

Out side of our art projects that is pretty much what our week looked like, a lot of reading, and just preparing ourselves for the winter.

Oh and on another discovery, we had to separate Selena’s fish today. It seems that Clifford decided to become aggressive and started picking on Emily. Bad Fish! Now there could be many reasons for this behavior, Clifford being larger could have seen Emily as being a weak link, or Emily could be sick. I do know from experience though that now that this has happened we can not put another fish in with Clifford. Tomorrow we will go buy Emily her own little aquarium. We wanted to buy a larger aquarium but until these two fish have lived their lives, we will go with two small aquariums. After they have lived out their lives, we will then purchase a larger aquarium and get more fish for Selena.

Sorry there isn’t any pictures with this post, but there really wasn’t anything to photo log this week, and what we did do that was worth photographing, are in our posts for Open Ended Art and stART. We will be back at the full schedule again next week though!

To see what others have done in their homes this week visit My Family My Forever for Learning through Love, and visit Homeschool Creations for Preschool Corner. While your there jump in and share what you have been doing in your home and preschool, we would love to share your adventures!

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  1. Great recap. I totally understand what you mean by reacquainting with toys and books. I keep wanting to go through Anna room and reorganizing, because she has a lot of things she never uses, because she sort of doesn't remember about them. It's exciting that Selena reads so much around her. Apparently Anna does too, but never with us around :) Then we get questions as to how we taught her to read. LOL.

  2. We need a week just like this to catch up on household things. Not only toys and books, but clothes. I really need to pack up what does not fit.

    I think it is wonderful that you expect very good behavior in public. We do the same. It is very sad to see what so many mamas let their children do while out and about. Good for you!

  3. I don't know Selena, but I just feel so proud of her (as you really must!) for being so polite and well-mannered and getting more independent! :) She is such a sweet, smart girl... I love hearing about her weeks!

  4. How exciting for her to pick out something on her own and READ it!! :)

    YEAH Selena!!


  5. I am totally with you on the behavior in public!

    Selena is such a smart girl. I enjoy reading about all that you two do together.

    I also agree with you on being selective and screening programming on TV.

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. It is a huge blessing when a child is so polite and well behaved.

    Sorry about your fish problem. Naughty clifford.

  7. We do the same thing with our kids in stores. We were actually able to take them to an antique store with no major problems. It took lots of monitoring them.
    You've reminded me I need to work on their knowing their address and phone number.

  8. We do the same thing with our kids in stores. We were actually able to take them to an antique store with no major problems. It took lots of monitoring them.
    You've reminded me I need to work on their knowing their address and phone number.

  9. I love your expectations for behavior in public. I wish all parents took the time to reinforce this. It isn't easy... but so important!

  10. I am all for good behavior in public, but being a mom with a child with Autism is not easy. There are times my oldest gets upset in large crowds and with certain noises. We limit the time in stores for that reason or Hubby takes my youngest out so he does not miss out.