Friday, September 4, 2009

Our "B" Week

We finished up our "B" unit yesterday. Grandpa was home so he got to watch Selena do her school work for the first time. Selena really enjoyed having him here too. We finished up adding all of Selena's favorite things that she discovered while we were studying this unit. I had another idea in mind with the Bears but when Selena took off she took over and the above picture shows what she came up with. She loves stickers, so she chose birds, balloons, butterflies, and ladybugs.

I loved this, while looking for bugs in our driveway, Selena found this heart shaped rock. She informed me I had to take a picture of it. She enjoyed looking for bugs too bad the only ones we found were ants.
This creepy spider has been hanging in our window (outside of course) for the entire week, Selena thinks this is her pet, I think. She has to check to see what her spider is doing every morning and again throughout the day and before she goes to bed. She has been able to watch it make it's web, catch food, and yes eat the food. I would love the creepy thing to go away, but Selena would be devastated if anything were to happen to it. Maybe it will leave on its own!

As I mentioned in a previous post we did have the privilege of watching the Bald Eagles and their Eaglets flying over our house. Selena was in awe over this beautiful bird. They were flying pretty low at one point so she was really able to get a good look at the Eagle. I wasn't ready with the camera though until the Eagle went higher. That figures! Now I have to drive Selena to the river where the Eagle nest is...who knows maybe one will be perched on the nest.

We enjoyed this week, and on all our walks Selena had fun looking for and finding Butterflies, and all sorts of bugs. She stopped and looked every time she heard birds until she found them. It really was fun, we really worked science and math, into this week!

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  1. I love that heart shaped rock!

    How neat to watch the eagles flying. We don't get that opportunity here.

  2. The heart shaped rock is so sweet. We had an indoor pet spider for a little while and I did a unit study on it. Here it is in case you are interested.
    I also really love her bears. They are adorable. Great idea with all of the B object stickers.

  3. I knew that I will never be able to come up with my own graphics, so I poked around and that's how I found a template that I am using now. Selena looks so pleased with herself in that picture with rainbows. Nice B unit, and a nice new graphics and a name for your blog. When I was looking for a template, I started there -

  4. Love the heart shaped rock! That is awesome that you all got to see a bald eagle!!!