Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Spy

One of our favorite games especially when we are on a walk around our town is "I Spy". Many times during this game Selena will discover things she has not seen before or doesn't know what it is. She will say "I Spy....with a pause then try to guess what she thinks it is" I take this opportunity to share with her what it is and we stop and if it is within reach, touch it, and really take time to explore.

Some of our "I Spies" are signs or numbers and letters that she reads easily, but she takes much enjoyment out of reinforcing her skills. I know for myself that sometimes when we take walks with our tots we often take in the most obvious things but forget to take in the whole picture. I feel "I Spy" is a perfect way of really opening up ourselves and engaging our tots into the world around them. Don't take everything for granted that they are seeing everything we see or in the same way we see it. Take time to let them tell you what they see, how they see it. It is such a fun way to enjoy a walk.
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  1. We love and play I Spy often too. You are right, definitely take time to listen and try to see as they do!