Monday, August 17, 2009

Pre-school and more

We've been pre-schooling with Selena now for about a month. I have to get more manipulatives...she loves them and learns more with the hands on then anything. She does love to sit down at the table though and work on her little hand outs that promote fine motor skills while teaching shapes, colors, writing preparedness, and of course the alphabet and numbers. She really enjoys the Bible stories and is working hard on memorizing her Bible verses for AWANAS. She already knows 1John 4:10. She is never ceasing to amaze me. Ever since she began to talk she has never been able to pronounce her name, she has always called herself baby Selah. After a month of seeing her name on the felt board and pronouncing it everyday she finally is able to proudly pronounce it correct. I get such a kick out of her though as when she sees a picture of herself when she was younger she still calls herself baby Selah, it is like she has now grown up from baby Selah to Selena.

I took her out side yesterday for a while once the Sun finally decided to pop through the cloud cover. She was enjoying playing on her swing set, making lines and X's with her sidewalk chalk, laughing and giggling. Pretty soon she seen an ant, and here she goes, "Hi Ant!" Now I don't know if the ant answered her or not..."How are you Ant?" "I am fine today." "Where are you going?" "Ant starts with letter A" "A NT Ant" "Bye Ant" "See you later." Of course you know the ant just kept creeping on its way until it disappeared into the grass.

Everything with her of late has been "play this or that". For instance if you tell her it is time to go to bed she looks at you and says, "No, we play go to bed." or "We play pick up toys." What a hoot.
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  1. I am glad you made your blog public! It was nice to see your pictures and also pictures of charming Selena. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading about Selena's preschool progress.