Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Photo Shoot

I finally got out from behind the camara! Grandpa took these photos, as you can see he's still learning the camara. I really don't know what happened in the first two photos, I think grandpa was playing too many games with Selena, saying "Smile" and "Cheese". I finally told him to shut up and just take the picture. Selena is growing up so fast and I really do not have many pictures of her and I. She is looking more and more like I did as a child that it is unreal other then believe it or not my hair was lighter back then. Selena is definately my pride and joy...not that I couldn't say the same thing about my children as they both are still my pride and joy, but there is something so special about a grandchild.
These pictures were taken on Sunday morning as we were waiting to leave for church. I just love the little dress Selena has on, though it reminds me more of a design for a birthday party, it has to be one of the mose adorable dresses she owns. I just wish she would let me put her hair up in pony tails, but for one she doesn't like a lot of fussing with her hair, and another reason her hair is so thin that it is hard to keep any type of tie in her hair and believe me I have tried them all. I wish I had the beautiful curls that she has though...you can't see them in this picture but believe me the back of her hair is the most adorable ringlets all the time.

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