Saturday, June 13, 2009

Selena's First Invite

Selena was invited to her first birthday party. This morning when she woke up she was so excited she ran around singing "Happy Birthday, it is a Grand Day!" Where she got that from I have no idea but it sure sounded cute.

Selena is sitting with one of her good friends from the neighborhood, Jastella. Jastella was so happy to see Selena, when we first arrived, that she ran calling to her mom, "I see her!" That is what Jastella always says when she sees Selena. Though Jastella is a couple of years older then Selena, she has been over to play with Selena from the time Selena was very young.

Jastella and Selena are trying to pop balloons by sitting on them. Selena just wasn't quite heavy enough and never did get her balloon to pop. Jastella won the prize here, but it was sure fun to see Selena trying so hard. She continued to try to pop that balloon for a long time.

They played pin the wings on the fairy....a take off from pin the tail on the donkey. Here Selena is giving it a try with Jastella looking on. At first Selena didn't quite know what to do, but it didn't take her long to figure out she needed to feel for the paper taped to the window and place her little paper wings on it.

Now the Birthday Girl, Trinity's turn. She was so cute as right after they turned her around three times she took off the mask and announced, "I can't see!" Grandma assured her that this is how the game is played, so then she went along with it.

It is time for cake! As everyone sang Happy Birthday to Trinity, Selena got so excited and looked around at everyone as if they were singing to her. Selena had a very good day and I believe she really enjoyed her first invite to a birthday party. Though she was the youngest one there she didn't care, she just fit in perfect and had a great time with them all!
Just remember when we all went to those magical birthday parties and just played our little hearts out. A little voice is telling me though, "Look out Grandma you won't get away with the family birthday parties anymore!"

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