Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Selena just adores her Grandpa!
So much she adorned him with hearts, nose hearts!

Selena gave her Grandpa a mug for Father's Day! He just loves his mugs and it was time for him to get a new one. The mug is gray and has white writing that says:
To My
I love you....
For all the times you were there
with undersanding to show you care
I love you....
For always knowing what to do
You are who I look up to
I love you....
For the strength of our family
Thank you for all you've given me
I will always love you!
This cup holds so much truth, especially for Selena. Grandpa had never been a father to a small child before, so for him to step up and take her in and desire to raise her at this point in our lives makes him a very special Grandpa. He adores Selena as much as she adores him. They laugh, talk, play, and do so much together especially watch baseball together. She is constantly repeating everything he says even when he says "Oh mama"! They truly have a special bond.
We went to church this morning and Selena made Grandpa a Father's Day card in Sunday School. With some extra stickers she created a second picture, (of course when we got home she pealed off the heart stickers and had to stick them all over herself and Grandpa). While we were in church my son called and wished Michael a Happy Father's Day, his sentiments were so heart felt, too bad we missed the call. (tomorrow is my son's birthday so we will talk to him then)
After Church Selena and I took Grandpa out to the Red Lobster for Lunch/Dinner. We all enjoyed our food and the company, and I enjoyed not having to cook. Michael is a very special man, husband, Dad, Stepdad, Grandpa, he deserves the best. I love him more and more with every passing year. He shows such strength in faith, wears his heart on his shirt sleeve so we always know just how he feels towards each of us.
Michael you are the BEST husband a wife could ask for! You are also the BEST grandpa a granddaughter could wish to have! We love you! God has truly blessed our lives through you!
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  1. What a treasure you have in that family of yours! and what a great story God is writing with you. Best wishes for the daily blessings that bring such joy.