Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Savoring Each Moment

I was reading a page out of a book today and came across this by Luci Swindoll, author of "You Bring the Confetti" and came across this quote, "To experience happiness we must train ourselves to live in this moment, to savor it for what it is, not running ahead in anticipation of some future date nor lagging behind in the paralysis of the past. With wholeness and sensitivity we must live in the here and now." The question is posed, what if the moment is not a happy moment? This made me think of something that my mom always taught us kids, "In everything you can always find a rainbow." Even in the roughest of moments in our life we can always find something to smile, laugh, or be happy about. We have to be open minded enough to look for it.

We have a choice we can go through our lives on a roller coaster, being happy one day then sad and blue the next day just because things aren't going the way we think they should go. By going through life like this pretty soon you discover that the bad days begin to out weigh the good days and pretty soon you are a very sad person. This is caused by having too high of expectations for our lives, then when things don't meet those expectations it is easy to start dwelling on all the things in our past that just didn't go right. Before long we are bouncing between the past and future hopes and goals that might just be unreachable.

By learning to live in the moment we can learn to slow down our thoughts and feelings, to begin to really "stop and smell the roses" in both the good times and the bad times. We can find ourselves over coming the sad events of our lives and those little humps in the road that make us sad or upset and find something to make us realize that no matter how bad the situation seems we held our heads high, made it through, and now will go on feeling light hearted and happy.

It probably seems funny to read something like this on a Blog dedicated to a dreamer, but I fully believe by living in the moment we can learn to juggle both living in the moment and keeping our dreams, hopes, and mostly our imagination in all things good. It is ok to dream or be a dreamer but you must know when to live in the moment and realize that not all dreams are achievable and not all dreams will be achieved instantly.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I plan to go to the library and look for her book this week! It sounds like a good one! Joy