Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Resolution

I made a New Years Resolution to return back to blogging! I enjoyed my break from blogging but that does not mean I have not read and continued to follow my favorite blogs. We have done a lot of growing, learning, and have had many adventures since I blogged the last time. I could swamp you with pictures but I am not going to do that. I will share some highlights, and just let you know we are still here, alive, and loving life just as much as before! I will say it is going to be hard for me to get use to not being able to use LiveWriter since I have upgraded to Windows 10, but that's OK.

I have started riding with Selena. This has been very fun for both of us. The above picture was her birthday party with the horses. This day was so fun! We had a 2 hour lesson and ride. We got to dress up our horses with ribbons and tiaras. We played wall soccer with a huge ball, and then since it was sunny we went out for a fun ride around the obstacle course. I think this was a highlight to Selena's birthday! It was fun for me too, just to spend some time with my girl on her birthday!

We have spent this time unplugged working hard on the areas that Selena has fell behind or lacking in. She is doing a great job of working hard and catching up. I am very proud of her. Even this morning with everything that was going on she sat down and worked hard to get her school work done without my assistance.

We have learned that Selena works best with music. One of our Christmas presents was Satellite radio. We live in an area where we do not get a lot of channels, this gives us many choices including children's stations. Though I have to say Selena enjoys all the top artists, her favorite being Taylor Swift. She also received an Ipod for her birthday. So now she can listen to her music anywhere.

Selena loves cooking and baking and even baked my birthday cake pretty much all by herself. She did a fantastic job. We are proud of how much she is learning and all the things she is willing to try. She is sure growing up!

I know I will be catching you all up on many more things as we move forward. I will also get around and visit and comment more on my favorite blogs. I miss all of you especially if you are not on Facebook, or if I am not signed up to get Email notifications.

In the meantime I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!

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