Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life During Our Abscense

So much has gone on since I blogged the last time, Selena has grown in so many areas of her life, we have learned parenting a Gifted/Autistic child challenging but rewarding and have had to look at and change many of the ways we parent along the way. This is not to say we have changed our rules but we have had to adjust our approach, and have had to get use to having a strong willed child. I can't express enough though how much I love our town, the people who we encounter everyday, and can't emphasize enough that it really does take a village to raise a child.

Selena loves to go shopping with us, something that use to stress her out so much. I love the fact that the clerks at our store who have watched her grow up and really understand her are so good with her. She assists them with scanning all the items in, and sometimes helps bagging the groceries. It is fun to watch her enthusiasm and to know that she is excepted for all her little quirks. Who knows maybe someday she will work in the same store as a cashier as she pays her way through college. We are seeing more young teens working there now. It is nice to see the new management taking an interest in the youth of our community.

We have learned not to be such helicopter parents, though inside I never considered myself a helicopter parent, but had to learn to let go, or give Selena time to want us to let go. We live in a perfect place, though at times we talk about moving, I just am not sure. Selena has made friends with some kids here in the neighborhood, and when possible she is off playing with them, or they are here playing with her. Her BFF lives across the street from us and it is not uncommon for Selena to be watching for him to come home.

Her BBF joined her for Halloween at Chuck-E-Cheese and Trick-or-Treating around the mall. They had so much fun playing games, eating pizza and just hanging out together. We were so happy that he was able to join us. When we got home, he hung out with Selena for a while and played, it was really a fun day for both of them. It is so nice to see Selena making friends. She joined him for his birthday party, and also was invited to both his brother's birthday parties. Growing from a girl who could not be out of my sight to a girl who now can go play for hours with out me, oh occasionally she has to call just to check in.

Of course her BFF was here for her birthday, along with Aunt Kelly and Tony. We had fun playing a few games, opening presents and eating cake and ice-cream. It is hard to believe that she turned 9 this year. She is sure growing up. I think the high light of her gifts though came from her brothers, they gave her a charm bracelet with a sweet note and a charm just for her:

Talking about family, this summer we had a mini family reunion with Selena's mom, brothers, their adoptive parents, our son and his family. I didn't get a lot of pictures after all it was so hot and all we could do was sit in the shade and visit. It was a lot of fun for the kids though to play in the water park.

Yes, the top picture is Selena, her mom and her brothers. The bottom picture is Uncle TJ and his family.

Of course Selena's greatest passion is horses. She loves the fact that I have started riding with her. It has been along time since I rode, but I am with Selena it is so much fun!

 Selena takes swimming lessons once a week now. She is also getting ready for braces and is wearing a retainer. My little girl is growing up, she is growing up faster then I want her too but it is such a joy watching her. She loves to help me in the kitchen, and will do the dishes or help cook.

No matter what she is doing she is a joy to have in our lives. Everyday is an adventure, she gives us lots of laughs and love. It is a joy to watch as her world expands around her.

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  1. It looks like it's been a good time. My daughter would be jealous of the horses.

  2. It's been a lot of fun. The horses are the highlight!

  3. It is so good to hear from you. I was thinking about you guys just the other day. I am glad to hear that things are going well with you all. It is nice that there has been so much family time.

  4. Replies
    1. I have thought of you often, been reading your blog, just wasn't active.

  5. Selena surely changed a lot since you stopped blogging. It's great to see that she is doing so well and that she also had a chance to see her entire family.