Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Fun!

Last weekend we drove to Spokane with one purpose, to take Selena out to Greenbluff to see a large Orchard. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We headed out to Greenbluff on Saturday morning and arrived at the Orchard at 10:00 that morning. It is really fun this time of year, they have so much for the kids to do. We took a tractor pulled wagon ride around the Orchard and was able to see the apples hanging on the trees. We really were not suppose to be on this ride, as we found out towards the end, as it was to take those out who were going to pick apples. With a quick apology the tractor driver assured us it was OK and took us back with him. Hey it was an honest mistake, there wasn't any signs that said it was only for pickers, all we could see was people loading on for a ride. 

They had a kid friendly area with slides, a pea box, (like a huge sandbox, but full of dried peas) a kid friendly maze made from pallets, and sheep to feed. We spent quite a bit of time in this area and believe me we brought home plenty of peas in our clothes, hair and shoes. 

One of the other reason for this visit was for Selena to spend time with her brothers. We had one excited little girl when I said they had pulled in. She was so excited, that to just stand there and wait was so not happening. We decided to walk out to the parking lot to meet them. As soon as she laid eyes on them she was off running, she couldn't get to them fast enough.

I was greeted by the cutest little Grandson with a huge smile on his face, holding this dog he made for me. With hugs, and hellos, Selena and her brother took off hand in hand back to the Orchard. We took turns holding the youngest Grandson, until he finally fell asleep. Selena and Charlie had so much fun and it took quite awhile before they let go of each other's hands.

It was a very fun day, and we are so glad that we were able to drive over just for this. Hopefully next year my son will be there with his little guy, then all the Grandchildren will be together.

On another note, we surprised Selena with a package today.

She starts lessons next Thursday. Stay tuned as to how well she enjoys the lessons. We are great full for a homeschool Dad who agreed to teach her to play.
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  1. What joy those pictures give me...Selena and her brothers having a wonderful time together. She is turning from the cute little girl into a beautiful young lady.

  2. I'm so glad she got to see her brother.

    I've never heard of a pea box before, that does sound amusing.