Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Big Step


Selena took a huge step today, she had her first guitar lesson. This wasn’t easy for her, she didn’t even want to talk about these lessons the first of the week, and begged me to teach her. While yes, I have played a little guitar a teacher I am not. Her fear I know came from all the rejection she has received from all the things she has tried, and the schools.

We got up this morning and Selena expressed her feelings, we gave it a name, “Nervousitement” If you can’t guess that is her term for feeling both nervous and excitement, a very normal feeling. We decided to just cancel school for the day and allow her to just relax.

An hour before we had to leave, Selena loaded her guitar in the car, you know it wouldn’t have been good to have forgotten it. When it was time to leave, she was very quiet all the way. We made arrangements for her instructor to meet us at a small church so we could follow him up their house for this first time, glad we did, not to say I wouldn’t have found it, but I was not expecting to go up the side of a mountain on a dirt road. It really isn’t far, we drive further for other things we do, it was more just not knowing where we were going.

Once there Selena was nervous and it took a few times to remind her what she was there for. Her instructor is great, it didn’t take him long to get her so engaged, that she was laughing, bopping her head and feeling like she was a pro as she played one single note to his three note tune. The lesson ended and she could proudly say “I did it!”

She couldn’t wait to pull her guitar out and practice after we got home. She is very excited to go back next week and is hoping that she can show her new teacher that she can do the one note he taught her today. We are very proud of her!

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