Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of School

We had our official first day of school today. Selena had fought going back to school, but got more excited about her first day over the past week as the rest of our new curriculum rolled in. I took a mini break and went to Spokane for my Nieces baby shower, all I heard when I called home was how we would start school first thing Monday morning. While I explained I would be too tired to do school on Monday, Selena was happy to just help me figure out our school schedule for the week, and to get her first peak into her new books.

The first thing you will notice is that Selena's hair is different, while I was gone she took the scissors and proceeded to cut herself bangs, thankfully she left them long enough that we could trim them up no problem. No we did not cut the rest of her hair, as it appears, she just has a short layer in front that has always been there but is more pronounced now with the bangs.

We worked on Math, Spelling, Phonics, Penmanship, and Science today. Then this afternoon we made a map to show Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers, we also discussed the difference in man made lakes and natural lakes. We had a very good first day of school and I am hopeful the rest of our days will be the same. Tomorrow we begin American Heritage Girls, Selena is excited and this being her first time ever, is a bit curious as to what all they do.

After school we went shopping and bought several outfits for Selena, the above is her favorite outfit she picked out. The rest of the day was spent helping me do laundry and clean house. She fell into a terrible habit of thinking she didn't have to pick up anything or put anything away, so today was getting back on track and realizing everything does indeed have a place of its own, and does not belong in the living room. She also vacuumed and helped with the dusting. She is now asking for an allowance and has her eyes on a particular toy, but she is learning in order to get paid an allowance she has to put some sort of work into chores.

I can hardly believe how big she is getting to be, but I am enjoying watching and helping her grow into a fine young lady.
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  1. That is a really cute outfit and it looks great on her. I like her new haircut! I am glad it was a happy first day.