Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enjoying the Outdoors When We Can

Our weather has not been real cooperative for being outdoors a lot this Spring. We try to take advantage when we can. Today was very pleasant, the sun was shining, with some clouds, but the temperature was not extremely hot and humid, nor too cold to consider taking a walk. I really had no idea how far we would walk when we began, but was surprised when we got a full 2 miles in. I will say as we neared the one mile mark, Selena was feeling a bit more anxious and unsure as to why we had come so far.

First things first we just had to stop along this row of rhododendrons and pick out our favorite color, and get our pictures taken in front of them.

 Selena was not sure about this ivy, she was fearful it was poison ivy. Even after I assured her that it wasn't she still refused to touch it. I told her that was a good fear, as we would not want her touching the wrong type ivy. I guess we will have to do a little research.

We drive through this area all the time, it is beautiful, and the High School is just through all the trees. Selena was so amazed over it's beauty, I guess walking near it really made her appreciate it more, not only that she could hear the hidden creek running through, one that she didn't even know existed.

Being very textile, Selena stopped in her tracks here as our sidewalk texture changed. She announced it felt rough under her feet. We had to take a little bit to discuss and ponder why it felt different.

We finally made it one mile, to discover the first home Selena remembers, well the first home she ever lived in. She got weepy, as truly for as much as she loves our home, she does miss this little house. We always remind her, that her memories of this house will always be there, since it was her very first home.

We had to stop many times for her to remove rocks or anything that seemed to be in her sandals.

We found this tree to be very interesting!

Selena loved how these trees hung over the sidewalk like a canopy over our heads. She also had to go feel the moss on growing on the tree. It was quite funny, just as she was feeling the tree, and I was taking the picture, a detective drove up, he slowed way down with a very concerned look on his face. I believe he finally figured out that we truly were not trespassing, as a big smile appeared on his face, and with a little wave he drove on. I couldn't help but think, now what?

 Of course we had to take some time for some selfies!

Then we had to victory dance at the end of the walk! YAY! We made it, now to tackle the hill up to our house!

I know this was a picture overload, but come on how better to show our neighborhood, our little town, and just how much fun we had on this walk! Looking forward to more walks weather permitting.
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  1. What fun! I enjoyed seeing your walk, and especially pictures of you! Happy spring, friends!