Monday, June 24, 2013

End of Season Softball


Saturday was our last game. Papa and I wanted to something for the team, so we planned a pizza party. The trophies had been ordered, so it just seemed like a perfect way to end the season. We were very proud of Selena, she has improved many sills and will be moving up to coach pitch next year. While she still needs to work on the dirt playing, she does acknowledge that she needs to figure out how to not play in the dirt, which I believe is the first step in learning not to.

Selena was so worried she would not get a trophy due to her inability to stay out of the dirt, and because she had missed two games. When they called her name and handed her the trophy she held it high in the air and shouted, “This is the BEST Trophy I have ever had!” Of course we chuckled since it is the only trophy she has.

The girls and families enjoyed the pizza, and the girls all got the chance to just go have fun in the park and play together as friends. It is fun to see how something as simple as T-Ball can pull 9 little girls together not only as a team but also as friends. While at this age they can still be awkward in their social skills coming at it as a team effort, can break down those barriers and the bond to lasting friendships begin to develop.

We had a great season, and lucked out without a single rainout, unheard of for here. There was laughter, hard work, more laughter, and the joy of watching all these girls (some first year of T Ball) learn, play, and have fun! We also learned something about ourselves as parents. It does take more then just the coaches to pull of a young team like this. We too grew, from being just spectators, to joining our children out on the field both at practices and during games to make for a successful year and some great new friendships among ourselves.

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  1. Congratulations to Selena! Hopefully next year she will enjoy the game even more without anxiety.