Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Week


We started our week out with Selena loosing her first top tooth. It was so loose we kept telling her it would just pop out, well sure enough she hopped and out popped the tooth. It was funny to listen to her talk with a lisp for a day or two while she got use to not having that tooth there. She is just growing way too fast.

She got her softball uniform, I hope to get some pictures of her in it here soon. I’ve been trying to get pictures at practice but it seems like Papa and I have been recruited on as team assistants, so I am way too busy to be fussing with the camera. Selena is doing great though and loves first base. She is really the best first base player on the team, so the coach loves having her there. Her skills continue to improve and she is learning quickly all the new techniques that they are teaching her for throwing and batting.


We’ve had quite a few thunder storms come rolling in. This is just one of the rainbows that we have enjoyed after one of the storms. It is amazing how bright they can be and how close they can truly seem.

On another note, I will be doing reviews for Mosaic Reviews. I look forward to this opportunity. I am sure we will be sharing some great items and curriculum for all of you.

We’ve also been awaiting news on a possible promotion for Papa. He interviewed for it last Friday. There were only two applicants for the position. The way this will work is either Papa will get this position he interviewed for or should the other applicant get it there will be another upper management position opening up, which Papa would then slide into that one. It is one of those win win situations, we know he will have one of the upper management positions just not sure which one yet. This will of course mean change in our home as there will be longer hours and he will go back to working 5 days a week again, also there will be travel involved. As I figure though Selena and I will enjoy the possibilities of travel with him on occasion.

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  1. I love it when kids lose their front teeth! Between that and the glasses... she is adorable!!

  2. Those front teeth, there's just something magical about when they lose them. It's adorable, just like Phyllis said.

  3. Selena is growing so fast! Yay for softball. Believe it or not, Anna didn't lose any teeth yet :)