Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bountiful Baskets Week 4

If you have not checked to see if this fantastic Co-op is in your area or never participated, I encourage you to think about it. You can check for the nearest one in your area here.


This weeks basket truly met with all our expectations. I was just thinking I would love to get some fresh garlic..look do you see it? Just what did we get?

1 Butternut Squash

Butter Lettuce

2 Garlics

3 Green Peppers


3 Tomatoes

5 HUGE carrots

2 lbs. Redmore Oranges

4 Apples

4 Pears

7 Bananas

So far I have plans for most of this basket. We still had pineapple left from last week, and I just picked up some fresh salmon so one evening we will have salmon with Butternut Squash Casserole.

I think I will try a new recipe for stuffed peppers, any ideas? Leave a comment letting me know.

Papa loves asparagus, so that is for dinner tonight with chicken breasts and a tossed salad.

Can you see carrot salad down the road? I still have a few of the yellow carrots left from last weeks basket, now toss in a few raisins and a nice flavorful dressing. (A little tidbit I use to beg my grandma to make carrot salad everyday for lunch, it has always been my most favorite salad)

The rest we will just eat, well I have enough fruit I might make a fresh fruit salad. As for the garlic I can always find a use for fresh garlic.

How do I keep my vegetables and fruits fresh for so long? Let me tell you I swear by the Tupperware FridgeSmart Containers.


Believe it or not I have kept Spinach and Lettuce just as fresh as the day I purchased it for over a month in these handy containers. I absolutely love them. Now I need to purchase some more.

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