Friday, February 22, 2013

Selena’s Glasses


Yesterday we went and picked up Selena’s glasses. On the way home we stopped by the grocery store and the clerk gave her two free carnations, she thinks it is because she showed off her new glasses, but they were being offered to everyone since they were left over from Valentines Day.

What have we noticed so far? A LOT!

Before getting her glasses, we struggled with her writing. She had her letters going all over the place between the top and bottom lines, I really don’t think she could see the dotted middle line. As we sat down to do her school work when we got home, she actually formed much better letters and kept them unified where they should be.

Before getting her glasses she was having a terrible time making simple squares and triangles. One of her assignments were to copy various squares and rectangles in different patterns. I did ask her to slow down and she was actually doing a pretty good job with them. Her slip in her ability to draw these shapes was one of the things that made me question her eye sight.

At this point to ask her if she sees any difference she tells you no, but we are noticing enough slight changes and are hopeful that maybe we will get through this without having to patch her good eye.

Her glasses are so adorable, pink with tiny flowers on either side of her head. They truly are Selena style.

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  1. Yeah! for new glasses! I'm glad it's helped so much.

  2. Did she get used to them easily? I hope they will help Selena overcome the challenges you noticed before.