Monday, February 25, 2013

College Common Sense TOS Review


Papa and I have had many discussions about college for Selena, it is a real concern for us, probably because we are her grandparents and know that with retirement right around the corner we have to work a little harder now to assure there will be some financial peace of mind for all of us when college does come a knocking. We have already taken several steps in preparing some financial accounts and some term life insurance designed for college funding when the time comes. It only made sense to both of us to check out College Common Sense by Denise Ames. We received access to Going to College and Paying for it Online Video and Workbook that Denise put together to help parents and children of all ages, with special activities designed for elementary students up through high school.

We already knew we did not want Selena falling into the trap of funding her entire college education through student loans, then having the responsibility of paying off what seemingly never ends. Papa’’s first comment was “If only my parents would have…”  College Common Sense does make you, as the parent do a little thinking, but it is really designed to help your child be a huge part of the thought process of “How am I going to pay for my college?”

I can hear most of my followers asking right now, what does this program have to offer a 6 year old? Great question and one that we even had as we started. I love the fact that even the youngest child can already utilize the program through a very fun journal that Denise calls, “All About Me Journal.” The idea is this is truly an ongoing Journal where your child jots down or writes what they see the future holding for them. As we all know these ideas of a child will constantly change, but it does give us a great tool to know what our child is thinking, and areas of interest that we can explore together. I know for now Selena sees herself as a homemaker and mother, oh and a homeschool teacher. I am sure though as she grows her ideas will switch and jump all over the spectrum of career choices.

The material covered in College Common Sense made me stretch my thought process and I actually did quite a bit of research into what local scholarships are offered in our area. I knew there was one, that was set up by a long time resident of the area, and I know the person in charge of the funds and the distribution of said funds, but I did not know the requirements that they look for. Through my research of this scholarship I actually found a few more, I also was able to open some minds to expand these scholarships to include the possibility of the the homeschool community and not keep them so inclusive to the High School students.


I highly recommend that if you are truly interested in learning more about resources, and ways of helping your child prepare for college, rather it be not far off, or many years away to check out Denise Ames series. There are two methods to receive this valuable program, $25.00 a year gives you online access to videos or a one time payment of $50.00 will bring the CD version to your home. You will definitely want to visit College Common Sense website and sign up for the monthly newsletter as well as the weekly assignments. Remember you can’t start too soon in engaging your child to be thinking of her future, and college is probably going to be a huge topic, rather they go or not as well as which college they choose will totally be their choice. It doesn’t hurt to prepare their minds for the financial responsibility of paying for a higher education.


I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. No other compensation was received.

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  2. I ponder often about college for Anna and hoping she will want to go. I hope both our girls will be able to go if they want to and won't have to finance everything through student loans. Makes me miss Soviet Union where college education was free.