Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Child’s World is Full of Science


If there is one thing that is a constant in our lives and our school it is our passion and love for the world around us. What, When, Why, Where, How are all words heard throughout the day, then comes the joy of discovering the answers.

I use to see us doing a lot of work around geography, Selena, however had other plans. While she still loves studying about new places, looking at maps, and our atlas, she is truly into science. Her little world every little creature that creeps, crawls, flies, or inhabits the world around her. She is often found checking every hole or crack in a stump to see what creature may just be making it their home. I love the way she checks every flower in the yard just to make sure it contains pollen for all the bees, or chases ants as they crawl across the path.

She is quick to correct you, should you call a little tree a baby tree, “No, it is a sapling!” Don’t get her started as she will explain exactly what kinetic energy is, how force plays such a huge part in kinetic energy, and exactly what inertia is. She has discovered that science is constantly evolving around her.

I truly enjoy this side of her, and really did not realize how natural it is to teach and study science. I have discovered how much science that I, myself was taught as a child by my parents and how much I have always used in my everyday life. Now come on I have always known that I use science when I cook, but just never really gave much thought to how much I use science when I am looking at the world around me. To see this through Selena’s natural curiosity, and explore every aspect of science together truly has been a blessing. Selena hangs on every detail of science and always recognizes a new concept ready to just dig in and learn even more.

We love how we can incorporate so much through our science lessons, math, reading, and even geography as we reach out to learn where different plants and animals exist. My little girl is very in tuned to science and she is not afraid to tell you her hypothesis but then she expects me to help her do the research to see if her hypothesis is correct or not, if not, then she is on the search to discover the correct path. Her curiosity in the sciences of how her world works truly makes this my favorite subject to teach.

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  1. Great post. A lot of science can be learned through natural exploration. Great seeing you on TOS crew!

  2. Certainly sounds like you are having fun! No wonder it's your favorite :).

  3. Science is everywhere we look. So exciting to have a child who sees that and enjoys it. I love science too!