Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Audience

Over the past several months I have come to see that my comments on my blog have dropped to a minimum. That is OK as there are many times that I just don’t have time to comment on ever blog I read. There have been times I wondered why I even keep my blog going, but when I receive an Email like this out of the clear blue, I realize my audience is larger and reaching those who truly are getting something from my blog. It really encourages me to keep going.


My name is (leaving name out due to permission rights), and I am a math tutor in the San Jose area. I hope it's okay that I'm e-mailing you like this. I just wanted to say thank you for creating your page because I have been using it a lot to help provide additional resources for my students. :)

While researching, I found these other resources that might be of interest to you:

“Fraction Resources and Games for Kids” –

“The Young Child and Mathematics” –

I’m sure they will be of great interest to your readership since I’ve found them helpful in keeping my students engaged and interested in learning math.

If you decide to link them, let me know! Hope you find them to be useful. :)

Best wishes,”

As you can see by clicking on the link that she was referring to a post that I wrote a year ago. To be honest I forgot about the post and even forgot we did this lesson. We still do a lot of work with fractions, since it is an area of math that just seems to come so natural to Selena. I need to share more of these off the cuff lessons we do. This reader really made me stop to think about the reach my blog has, the unknown audience out there that is reading my blog and walking away with information that I have shared. She put the joy back into my blogging. Remember maybe your comments are dropping off, but there are always these hidden readers, who might just be your best followers.

I encourage you to take a peak at the resources she has recommended. The first one at Always Math has some wonderful resources for fractions, some that we may just have to play with and explore.

The second one is a pdf file of a book, which is a must read. I bet there isn’t a one of us who can’t read the examples of the different students and not find our own child in there.

I give a huge Thank you to this reader for taking the time to remind me the impact my blog really does have on an audience I don’t even know is out there.

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  1. Those are the types of emails that make your day!

  2. This is pretty neat! I also get emails from unexpected sources from time to time which thank me for a particular post. It's always pleasant to know that what we shared might be beneficial to other people.