Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So Proud

Today Selena had a lot of school work to get accomplished. One of her least favorite subjects is math. I get such a kick out of her though as we incorporate her math buddies from last year and M&Ms or blocks to give her more hands on to solve her math problems, half way through the page she gives up these manipulates and uses her number line or solves the problems in her head. I feel at this point it is not a matter of her not knowing how to do the math, but more of it just not being a favorite of hers.

Her writing is improving every day. I do however need to post an alphabet chart so that she can refer to the letters just to refresh herself on how they are made before writing them. I did this with her numbers and it has made a world of difference for her. I was especially proud when she wrote out her own homework from Team Kid this weekend. In the past she would dictate it and I would write it for her, but not this week, she felt confident enough to do the writing herself.

The other observation I am noticing is that Selena is becoming very competent in remembering the information she read, even if a few days have gone by. If she is unsure, she easily looks back  through her reading and finds the answer. Along with this is coming the skill of spelling the words she is asked to fill in the blank with. Many times she is able to choose the word that completes the sentence, and write it with much ease and confidence in the spelling of the word.

The other thing I have added is a notebook, that Selena uses to express her thoughts in, sometimes she draws pictures and sometimes she writes words. It is fun to see how comfortable she is becoming in both areas, drawing and writing. For a girl who lacked confidence in both areas last year, she is sure coming a long way this year.

We are moving into mid booklet tests and final booklet tests tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing how well she does.

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  1. Sounds like she is happy and doing well.

  2. This is great news. It must be some magic developmental milestone that our girls are hitting. Anna is the same with writing - she is now writing up a storm. I love reading her prompt-based writing that she brings from school. She also sometimes writes in her journal from her own goodwill. I couldn't dream of it just a few months ago.

  3. It tickles me so much that she still likes her math buddies