Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Decision

Our decision as to how to proceed from here has not been easy. We’ve prayed, talked, asked Selena, prayed some more, cried, laughed, had our own anxiety attacks, but there truly was only one answer we could come up with. We considered everything the Principal had to say such as our reward list had to be approved by them should we choose to give her rewards for not having anxiety attacks (WHAT?).  We finally decided if we did not hear from the Principal by Friday letting us know when Selena could even go back to school we would start looking at our options. That call I was waiting for never came in. I jumped into action and decided to pull Selena out.

We have some options still at hand, so we will still be sifting through these options to figure out what will be the best fit for Selena. We have until April to make this decision, enough time of Selena working on her anxieties with the psychologist, as well as more time to mature.

One of these options is a private school in our area. It is small only one classroom and Selena would enter school at the first grade level. Yes, the cost is a factor, but God has graced us with the ability to pay off the vehicle which would more then cover the tuition.

The other option is to continue to homeschool. I still want to do my homework into what activities they have at the Y as well as in the community before I commit to this.

Anyway there you have it we are homeschoolers again for at least one more year. Now to figure out where we are going from here and what we are going to learn.

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  1. I know that this decision didn't come easy. Good luck in choosing the options for the next year and sorry that your adventure in public schooling ended so quickly.

  2. Hugs, Debbie.

    I know this was hard - but you are such a wonderful grandmother doing what is best for Selena. You and your husband are blessing her in so many ways.

  3. I am hearing this story more and more often. School is big and loud and bright and chaotic and it is too much for so many children. Instead of helping the kids adjust, schools push for medicating the child or they expel them. My cousin's son was expelled at age 7. Ridiculous. There are days I'd love to send Sam off to school, but with his many sensory and social issues relating to Aspergers, I know they'd toss him out in a matter of minutes. It's so sad to see what the schools have become. I'm sorry Selena had such a rough start - I know she was excited about school. You are wonderful grandparents to rescue her from that situation right away. I hope you find the right situation for her and for you soon, and without too much stress.

  4. Wow, it's so scary to read this whole thing. I'm so glad you were able to act so quickly, and thankful you'll be able to take her home with you.

    I'll be praying the decision becomes easier to make.

  5. I'm sorry to read about this experience. I'm sure it was upsetting for Selena. Surely the school has had to deal with frightened or anxious Kindergartners during the first week of school before this - that has to happen fairly often - I can't believe they weren't kinder and more helpful! So disappointing. But on the bright side, I'm sure you'll put together a great year at home, and make everything okay again.