Wednesday, April 11, 2012


One of Selena’s biggest quests here of late is to find out about habitats. I think it all started when she was trying to find Panda Bears in Australia. We have looked at many different species and their habitats. We decided it was time to move our hunt out side. I asked Selena to look around and discover something in our yard that didn’t have to be there, but was, and then asked why she thought it was there, along with what she might find upon further investigation. The first obvious things she found were dead tree stumps. She investigated many of them to discover different bugs, spider webs, and holes and cracks.


Selena insisted there were bugs in this hole, though I couldn’t see any. Maybe there was or maybe she was just seeing a little debris in it. She had a great time trying to prove to me that there was a bug in this hole.



She tried so hard to reach them with her fingers. She was very positive that if she could just get one she could show me.


She finally decided she just couldn’t get the bug she just knew was in there so she decided to try to shake it out.


Needless to say she never did get the bug out. So she settled for a photo shoot instead.




My all time favorite or funny picture was when Selena insisted on taking pictures of me. She got pictures of my back, cut off my head, then a real good picture of me reaching to take my camera back. I like to call it “Here comes Monster Grandma!”


The following picture tells me that we are going to either have a lot more questions and answer searching to either habitats or what on earth is all this old stuff doing in our flower garden and what was it used for.


Stay tuned for more backyard discoveries!

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  1. What a great subject for Selena to study! So much fun. I love your discovery approach.

  2. Great photo shoot. I love your thought provoking questions!

  3. I still love your Grandma monster shot. Selena is going to be learning so much this way.