Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Preparations


Yesterday morning Selena and I decided it was time to get the Easter eggs decorated and pull out some decorations. I love how kids always look so amazed and over whelmed as the eggs change color.


Selena carefully checked each egg to see if it was the shade she wanted. We had four extra eggs so her and I had fun experimenting with putting them in different colors just to find out what we would get. We got some pretty interesting patterns and colors.


We then set up all the decorations that I pulled out and displayed them in the center of our table. Selena had forgot most of the decorations so it was like magic to her to see everything. I guess one year can make a huge difference in what we remember and what we don’t. She totally forgot about my snow globe. She loved the music it played and watching all the different colors flitter down through the water.

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your Easter. We had a lot of fun yesterday with three gatherings in three different places and 2 egg hunts.