Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on Selena

So far things seem to be healing with Selena’s lungs, we are still questioning the asthma issue. I wish her doctor would never even said those words. With all the asthma that runs in my family of course to hear that dreaded word, just makes me more observant of everything.

We have gone from treatments every 4 hours, to only twice a day now. My only regret is that I didn’t ask for an inhaler as well, which would have allowed us to get out of the house and go somewhere. Instead we have spent the entire week at home since we are not able to take her nebulizer everywhere we go. Lesson learned!

She still has a bit of a head cold, but it appears as though that is breaking up since she complains her nose is running away all the time. We are all still fighting a bit of a cold though.

I will leave you with the most current picture of our Spring, while parts of Western Washington woke to snow this morning, we woke to sun, and I took full advantage to get out and inspect how Spring is beginning to make her appearance.


A couple of the cutest quotes from Selena was: “When I grow up I am going to be a woman!” I asked her what type job she wanted to have when she grew up. She informed me, “I will clean, sweep and mop floors, oh and have babies.”

Yesterday morning when we discussed that it was St Patrick’s Day, and I asked Selena if she was wearing any green, she informed me, “You won’t catch me dead in green, I don’t like that color.” PINCH time!

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  1. Hope she is feeling much better, soon!

  2. You're not in the best area if she develops Asthma - with all that rain - but maybe it will just turn out to be the cold.

  3. Too funny that she didn't want to wear green. Anna dressed herself from head to toe in green and insisted on pinching me. This girl loves to celebrate everything. I hope you get some answers from doctors this week!