Thursday, January 12, 2012

WHAT? Me at the Groomers?

The other night I was just absolutely exhausted, Selena hadn’t slept well the night before and was up at 5:30 a.m. By 6:30 I had already changed into my pajamas and was curled up on the loveseat just begging for time to fly by so I could put Selena to bed. Selena was still going pretty hard. She grabbed a comb and announced she wanted to play groomer. My first thought was she wanted to groom Pal, my thoughts were poor Pal, you have to endure yet another night of fun or torture what ever you want to call it. No, Selena informed me that I was the one to be groomed. Even when I protested and told her I do not go to the groomers she insisted this was the game we would play. I told her I wasn’t moving, so she went around the loveseat and began.

Pretty quick she was calling to Papa to take pictures. I really didn’t want my picture taken at this point, with no makeup, in my pajamas and really tired, but Selena informed me “This will be a blog post about You and I.”


Now this wasn’t good enough and she insisted I lay on my back so she could wash my hair. Then the grooming really began. I still insisted I don’t go to the groomers. She pretended to wash my hair, cut my hair, then style my hair. Ready for my final style?


But wait she wasn’t finished yet. Now it was Papa’s turn!


She continued this game with Pal coming next, then all sorts of different imaginary animals including a cat. Papa just played right along with her. I disappeared from the room, well, I went in and got Selena’s pajamas, and bed ready for her to go to bed. I still insisted I don’t go to the groomers! 

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  1. Too funny. Anna loves to play this game too. I find it pretty enjoyable to just relax and let her play with my hair.