Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Actually Monday was a very nice day. It is hard to believe that just a day ago these buildings were covered with so much snow, now all that is perched upon the roof tops is the black and white mouser that lives on our property. I think inside he was kind of laughing at Pal, because of course Pal couldn’t find him up there.

We watched as he basked in the sun. Even the horses finally made it out of their warm stalls to find grass that once had been covered by snow. They seemed to be feeling their oats, and were even kicking about. We never tire of watching all their antics.

The school busses were again running, and the sounds of children made its way up to our house from the elementary school. It was even nice enough that we were able to get out and go for a little walk. The air was still chilly but the sunshine just warmed the soul.

When we returned home Selena played with her play dough for sometime. Then retreated to her bedroom to play with her Nintendo. We’ve been working on having her play more in her room instead of dragging all her toys out into the living room. It has been a hard adjustment for her, since our little house there truly was not enough room for her to play in her bedroom, so she always played in the living room. I find it so funny how she can play so independent until we ask that she play in her room, then all that independence goes right out the door.

I must admit it was peaceful while she played in her room, outside of a few laughs and chuckles I would hear as she recorded her voice on her Nintendo. I actually felt like I could just kick back and relax, something that doesn’t happen much around here. It felt pretty good to just kick my feet up and do nothing. Is that possible, no not really I decided that the kitchen needed to be cleaned, and the meat pulled out for dinner. Oh but the bliss of a quiet house was such a blessing.

We do have our days and the stages come and go with Selena, but it is days like today when I truly feel like the wonderful age of 5 will be settling in soon. Tomorrow might be a totally different story, but for this afternoon it was total bliss.

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  1. Maybe she just wants to be in the same room with you? I know Princess is like that, she wants me to be in the room with her when she plays.

  2. Anna never wants to play in her room when we are home, but we have a rule of a rest time in the afternoon. From 2 to 4 pm she is in her room, and we can take a break or a nap.