Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh What Fun

I know by now you all know that Selena got a Nintendo DSi XL for Christmas.
Today her and I went shopping for games. She got to pick them out all by herself. She picked out two games, “Hello Kitty” and “Pinkalicious.” Her favorite out of the two and I have to say the one I like the best is Pinkalicious.
At first glance I figured it would be a silly little game, which is truly what I thought Hello Kitty is. Really though it is a lot more. It actually is a complete story. There is a lot of reading, and building the story as you go along. Before even starting the game your little girl picks her character, and has to read the introduction to the story that she is going to help build. It appears that there is a new little girl who has moved into the neighborhood and she has no friends. Pinkalicious decides to fix this by throwing a special party for this new girl, to introduce her to all the other children. Of course she has to get permission from her mom. Then the excitement begins as your child begins to build the story from picking out everything from the invitations, the different food, and the decorations.
I have enjoyed what little Selena has played on this to hear her read the story she is creating as she is creating it. It will probably take her forever to finish it since she goes back and changes food selections, decorations or whatever else there might be at the moment that doesn’t seem right to her. Just the fact that she is having to use her reading skills though all the way through the game has made it worth the purchase. I let Selena wind down by playing just some of the fun games with Pinkalicious. I turned to find her blowing on her Nintendo DS, I could see a balloon on the screen, but could not quite figure out what she was doing. I finally got my hands on the game after Selena went to bed, and found that game, sure enough it asked her to blow into the microphone to blow up the balloons. The fact that she was able to read microphone truly was worth the find.
If you have a young girl with a Nintendo DS and who happens to l like Pinkalicious as much as Selena has always enjoyed the books, she would probably enjoy this game as well. I also think as a parent you will appreciate the fact that your child is building upon her reading skills as she plays this game.
I am also interested in knowing what some of your kid’s favorite games are, that is if they have a Nintendo DS.
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