Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Memories

I think for a child turning 5 is one of the most memorable times there is. They come into turning 5 with so much realization of the world around them. School, rather it is homeschool or public school is so much more of a reality. Selena was very anxious to turn 5 and still refuses to let us forget that she is now 5 years old.

In an attempt to savor this time just a little bit more with her, I left the birthday decorations up until she finally said we could take them down. We then made a little something that she can save to remember her special day with.

Using one of her pink paper plates from her birthday party and the confetti that we had spread out on the table along with some white glue, we made her own number 5.


She first had to pick through the confetti and separate all the balloons from the cakes and Happy Birthdays. After she got three different piles we got started. Using the smaller balloon confetti she made a 5 with the white glue, then poured the confetti over it. She then decided to use one Happy Birthday confetti along the bottom and some of the cake confetti around the entire plate. She hasn’t decided yet where she is going to hang this, or if we will just save it. I do know she had a lot of fun making it and is very proud of her birthday memory.

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  1. 5 is a WHOLE hand old! It's such a big deal. Princess is still telling everyone she knows she's turned 5.

    Leaving up the decorations was a good idea.

  2. That is a great idea! Every year Lars makes Anna a birthday crown, and we save them on a high shelf in her room. It's amazing to see how her head has grown between years!

  3. Five is a big deal! I love her plate!