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The number one tool I use the most for all my freezing adventures is, well of course my freezer but also my blender with exception to a few things I need my food processor for. I own the Oster Osterizer 12 Speed Blender. I have owned this Blender for about 10 years now and by far out of all the blenders I have ever owned this one has been my favorite. It has been used for everything from crushing ice, milk shakes, baby formula, and purifying foods.

100_5635 The base is very light weight and can easily be moved for storage off the counter top, especially in those small kitchens where counter space is limited. Each button is nicely labeled for ease of reading. It also has two speeds High and Low which can be used in any of the settings. I love the pulse button which allows me to turn on and off the blender by just holding the button down, then releasing it for those tougher jobs that need a little more assistance getting the food to the blades.


The 5 cup scratch free glass jar is very sturdy. It is the heaviest part of the blender. I love the ease of the rubber lid that does not require any special lock to keep it in place during blending. I also like the fact that there is no fancy locking mechanism to hold the glass jar in place, just place the jar on the base and you are ready to go. The blades are made of heavy steal, which withstands even the heaviest jobs of even crushing ice. With it being an all metal drive system, it truly is very sturdy, not like many blenders that have plastic parts that snap off over time. I believe the fact that I have had mine for 10 years is a testimony in itself to how sturdy it is, and mine gets a lot of use.

Clean up is so easy, I usually fill mine with 3 cups of hot water and a drop or two of dish soap. I turn mine on in the Clean mode which truly cleans the glass jar with ease. Keeping this in mind of course depending on how often one uses their blending there is always the maintenance of deep cleaning all parts.


There are only 5 parts that can easily be taken apart for those deep cleaning times. Each part comes apart with much ease and goes back together as easy as they come apart. This part can take place in a matter of 5 minutes time. There are no complicated parts, and is easily broke down and put back together by hand, no tools required. Just remember the blades are very sharp. A huge plus is that Oster offers replacement parts for all their blenders.

One of our favorite treats which is so easy to make is our own Orange Sherbet. I use 4 ice cubes per serving, 2 single orange popsicles, or one full one per serving. 2 tablespoons of frozen Cool Whip and just enough milk to blend it all together.


Crush your ice.


Remove the popsicle from the stick and add it to the crushed ice, with the Dream Whip.


Here is the one thing I love, is that I can remove either the lid or the clear handle to the lid and poor in just enough milk to make this creamy. I usually just remove the lid unless I am making something that might splash.



Then Enjoy!

Now to show you just how easy clean up is. After we have enjoyed our treat, I take the glass jar and just add my hot water and soap.



Turn it on and let it go to work, the water will become very sudsy and even clean the lid as well.


I then just dump the sudsy water in the sink, rinse the glass jar and rinse the lid and dry both.


Now it is clean and ready for next recipe.

I love using my Oster blender. The ease of assembly to clean up leaves me a lot of time to explore, and create new recipes for milk shakes, smoothies, and believe it or not I have even used it in the making of pancakes and crepes. I use this appliance a lot. I couldn’t imagine not having this blender in my kitchen.

Just some of the most recent things I have used my blender for are in preserving food for the winter. When we cooked off our pumpkin I used my blender to purify it in preparation for baking pies and freezing the rest. I also used my blender for mashing up my bananas for freezing.

It was just so easy to take my pumpkin from this form:


To this form, in a matter of about 20 minutes. Now I had a lot of pumpkin, when you consider I ended up with about 15 cups of purified pumpkin in the end.


One of my dislikes about the blender is it does at times take that extra hand to push the foods down to get it into the blades. Many times using the Pulse setting will get the job done but if not with the easy access and ability to remove the lid, and the use of a spatula, does the job.

If you are looking for a blender, I highly recommend the Oster blenders. They are manufactured with high quality, and for ease of use.

You can purchase the 12 Speed Oster Osterizer blender direct from Oster for 32.99. They offer many kitchen appliances, from food processors, to toasters.

You can contact Oster through their website.


This is a review of an appliance I have in my home. I was not paid by Oster or any other business for my opinion.

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  1. I think I've gone through two blenders in the time I've been married. One was not my fault, but the other one might have been (but that one was poorly made.....).

    You blend the skin and all of the pumpkin?