Thursday, November 17, 2011



Even with two handbooks Selena is just surpassing all expectations in her AWANA work. To slow her down just a little bit we have been making her look up the verses in the Bible, and read them from there.

She still stumbles a bit with finding some of the books but once in the book she is quickly able to find the verse. She of course has to make sure the verse in the Bible says the same as it does in the handbook.

I came up with this idea last Sunday when we came home from church and Selena had to show me what they learned in Sunday school. I then helped her find what we learned in service. She read the words from the Bible so well, it truly surprised both of us.

While at times Selena tries to make us believe she isn’t able to read certain books, we know she can. I love how her reading is just exploding this year. Now if only she would start writing.

I am truly thankful that Selena has such a desire to learn.

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  1. Love this post. Don't worry - writing will come too when Selena is ready for it. I'd predict in a couple of months from now :)

  2. It is an amazing feeling to suddenly see someone able to read and find things in the Bible. I get that fun teaching my Sunday School students this, and I really enjoy it.