Saturday, October 8, 2011

What My Child Is Reading

This week has been quite the week for reading in our home. I have come around the corner many times to discover Selena reading independently so many new books. It is getting very seriously a problem, especially when I ask to read the book to her and she won’t allow me announcing that she can read it by herself. At one point I insisted I read the book with her only for her to throw her hands on her hips and tell me, “It truly is a silly book,” with that she picked the book up and put it on the counter below her book shelf. OK Miss Independent! I had to wait for her to go to bed so I could read the books to do this post. I know this won’t last long and she will be running to my lap to read with her again.


The Dancing Clock by Steve Metzger Illustrations by John Abbott Nez was another book that we got from Tiger Tales. This is a cute story about the real Delacorte Clock that is located outside the entrance to the Central Park Children’s Zoo in New York. A little snow monkey in the zoo becomes overjoyed by the view of this clock with the dancing animals and he refuses to move from his spot where he can see it so well. I had been busy in the kitchen while Selena read this book. When I came into the living room the book was sitting on the coffee table. Selena announced, “I want to go to New York!” I asked her why, and she said something about the houses must be bigger in New York. Now I don’t know where she got that from unless she remembers from our study about New York that it is a Big City with lots of people as this book speaks nothing of the houses. I was stumped as to where she even came up with the idea of going to New York, until I picked up this book, opened it only to discover that it is about New York. Selena has yet to let us sit down and read this book with her, but I know she likes it, as it sits on her stack of independent reads and is read everyday.


A Bug’s Life, The Not-So-Perfect Picnic by Greg Ehrbar illustrated by Adrienne Brown and Brian Sebern is a Disney Pixar book based on the A Bug’s Life movie. This is a cute book about a princess ant, who is in training to take over for the queen. She is a very busy little ant, but she works so hard that she wears herself out. Little does she realize there is one ant who has a bit of a crush on her. He is the ant that gets laughed at a lot by the other ants, as more then not everything he does ends up in a flop. However he takes the princess out on a picnic. I won’t say much more as it would give the story away, but I will say this has been one of Selena’s favorite books since we brought it home from the garage sale where we found it. It has moved from her pile of read together books to her independent reading.

There is another book in this series that we have, that has ended up in Selena’s independent reading pile, but I haven’t sat down to read it yet. I hope to retreat to read it before next week, so I can give it a review as well. Maybe by next week Selena will want us to read with her again.

One book that she truly would love for us to read to her, which we might is the book both Papa and I just finished, Heaven is for Real. She has been packing it around, and thumbs through it all the time, I am just trying to decide if this is a book that she is truly ready for or if it is one that I need to do a lot of paraphrasing for her. She sure is interested in it though.

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  1. It's a mixed blessing when they start reading on their own. It's always great to see them reading, but then you miss out on all the fun stories!

  2. I also sometimes have to look through the books that Anna read independently to be able to write my reviews. The Dancing Clock is a lovely book! Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  3. The Dancing Clock looks so cute!

    Have you seen "A Bug's Life" movie? I really enjoy it.

  4. Hey, did you know there is a new Heaven is for Real version for kids? I don't know if that would satisfy her. I'm not sure of the release date but it is in a list of books that will be available as review copies from booksneeze ( beginning October 12. You might want to try and snag and review copy for her to see if she likes it. :)