Sunday, October 2, 2011

Science Sunday Lessons in the Kitchen

Science Sunday

I have been holding onto this box of brownies now for a while in anticipation of Selena helping me to make them. As she has become more aware of the instructions on boxes I decided the other night would be a perfect time.


Selena’s first assignment was to read the instructions and tell me everything we needed. Since she said we needed one cup of water and one cup oil, I decided a lesson in measuring cups was needed. We put down the box and I had her match up the numbers on the measuring cups to find the right one, then gave her the one cup measuring cup.


Now don’t ask me why she thought it was so appropriate to have her mouth wide open at this point. When I asked her to close her mouth this is what I got.


Yes, her eyes closed with her mouth…silly girl. Anyway we went to the sink and I had Selena fill the 1/4 cup with water, then pour it into the 1 cup while counting how many it would take to fill the 1 cup.


Once she determined it took 4 of the 1/4 cups to fill the one cup, we then decided that was why it is called a quarter cup. We moved back to our brownie making. She helped me open the box and pour the mix in the bowl. Again referring back to her instructions, she told me step by step all the ingredients we needed. Once those were in she then proceeded to stir the batter.


Once she got it all mixed up, well I had to help quite a bit with this step, we poured the batter into the pan. Then the fun began.


Who could lick the most batter. We actually had a war going on, as Selena would reach for more, and Papa would tell her “NO” and pull the bowl away. Finally he gave in and let her have some more.


Now we just had to wait for the brownies to bake.


Selena cracked me up as she not only watched the brownies baking in the oven, but she also was watching the timer as it counted down the minutes. She kept me up to date on how many minutes were left until they were done.


Since it was a little late we all had to wait until the next day to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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  1. I like the part where she ate all the batter :)

  2. I agree - kitchen lessons are great, they are immediately applicable. Great pictures too!

  3. We love kitchen lessons and measuring cups/spoons are such a great way to teach fractions. This is something we do a lot of, I just don't blog about it. I love the fact she sat there watching them bake and letting you know how much time was left.