Sunday, October 23, 2011

Learning The Books of The Bible

Selena has been learning the books of the Bible, well in the Old Testament so far. She does very well except she gets confused when she gets to First Samuel and Second Samuel, and same with the Kings. She forgets the First one and jumps to the Second one. She will get it figured out.

One thing I have done is just leave her Bible sitting on the end table. She thumbs through it daily, sometimes taking time to read and look at the pictures, but also teaching Papa or I the order of the books.


We get such a kick out of her as she will start with Genesis and ask Papa which book comes next. She then flips through Genesis one page at a time until she comes to Exodus, lays her hand on the page and announces the name of the book. She asked me this morning if we can move on to the New Testament. While she is getting pretty proficient through the Old Testament, there is still some work to be done. I suppose we can move on to the New Testament unless I see her forgetting to drill herself on the Old Testament. I still need to show her how each book is broke down into chapters and how to find the scriptures, but I know that will come. I am proud of her love for the Bible and willingness to learn information that even many adults struggle with.

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  1. I am glad Selena treasures the same things you do - it's always exciting to see how they absorb what we teach them.

  2. Just her arm looks so emphatic in that picture!

    We're working on the New Testament right now, for some reason I keep starting with that, though now that I think about it it makes more sense to start the other way......

  3. That is great - I definitely struggle with this.