Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Edition

Our rains have began, while it is a relief knowing we have fires burning around us, it really was not the way we would have enjoyed our weekend. We stayed busy though throughout the weekend, with all the little tasks that we just kept putting off.

Selena was given two bags of clothes from a good friend, so one of the first projects was to go through her drawers and closet to make room for them. We now have two bags of clothes that we will be able to pass on to another young girl.

Selena had fun playing with her magnetic letters. At one point she even gathered up all the letters in the word MOUSE and scrambled them on the whiteboard.


She then announced, “Grandma come here and help me spell mouse, I have all the letters picked out.” She truly expected me to sit down and spell the word out for her. I know she knows how to spell mouse, so I turned it around and told her to put the letters in the right order.


She quickly went to work to rearrange the letters to place them in the right order to form the word:


These 25 cent garage sale magnetic letters truly have been the best garage sale item we came across this summer.

We had a tough day on Sunday both in Sunday school and church service. I went down on Saturday evening to help get the bulletin ready, Selena refused to go to bed for Papa. By the time I got home she was well into an hour past her bedtime. Needless to say Sunday school was very unproductive for her, and we ended up missing the entire church service. Selena tried very hard to settle in for church, but being so tired and all the children that were sitting around us, just made it too overwhelming for her. I ended up taking her out and waited for service to end.

I have made the decision to see if someone else in our church will take over my Sunday school class. Selena has chose to not take naps anymore, and is very crabby during the day. She is sleeping very well at night, and I try to get her to settle down for quiet time in place of the nap, but so far that has only lasted for 15 minutes. This has left me tired and feeling pretty drained by the end of most days, so something has to go from my schedule.

On a happy note though, as I mentioned early on I was looking for something to do during AWANA. I decided since I didn’t have any cross stitch projects to work on, that I would get some crochet thread and pick up my doily and Christmas ornament patterns and begin some projects. I will share pictures as I finish them.

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  1. It's a tough adjustment without naps. Could Selena also be coming down with something - that might explain the extra crabbiness.

  2. Princess wanted to sleep past 8 today, but the boys made so much noise that it woke her up and now she is a Grumpy Gus. This is going to be a long day.

  3. She's doing great with her spelling. I'm not sure what to say about the naps as both of my kids were done with them by the time they turned four! Would she willingly go to bed earlier in the evenings perhaps? I look forward to seeing your crochet projects!

  4. It is so hard when children skip naps they need!

    I'm impressed with Selena's spelling skills =)

  5. I love the scrambled magnet word idea - I think I'll do this for C and E tomorrow with their sight words!