Saturday, September 10, 2011

Story Time

This week we did our history reading a little different. Since we were talking about Columbus, I found a ship color page and asked Selena to color it while I read from our history book. This proved to not work well with Selena, who found it hard to concentrate on both at the same time, she wanted to listen to me read so bad, and wanted to color at the same time, but the two activities fought for her full attention.

In an attempt to salvage the frustrated project, I cut out the colored picture and asked if she wanted to just write her own story.

ship ship2

Ship By Selena

Selena saw a ship.

She thought about it.

As soon as she thought about the ship it sank.

The people on the ship got off.

They fell into the water.

They cried and cried for help.

The coast guard helped the people.

The end.

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  1. That's interesting because it helps my kids concentrate better, but they're so hyper I think they need some kind of busy thing.

    I love how you recovered the activity.

  2. I had that same problem with my kids. I have heard that it helps a lot of kids to not get distracted by other things in the room, but for my kids, they cannot color and listen at the same time.

  3. This is pretty interesting. I read that some kids are visual learners and some are audio learners. It's rare that kids can both at the same time successfully even though it's often required in schools. I like Selena's story, it's almost like "Titanic light" :)

  4. For the first time last week I let the girls do quiet activities while I read. They seemed to listen okay. I myself wouldn't have. I can understand Selena.
    I have to say, her story is great. I love the way you used a normal notebook. I've always thought about using the paper that is designed for a picture up top and a story down the bottom, but that is what I saw while working at the Montessori. I like your idea.