Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Tuesday was Selena’s first day in AWANA for this year. She was so thrilled to go, and looked so cute in her uniform. Though I must admit her uniform is looking a lot smaller on her this year.

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I could go on ahead and buy her a new uniform, but this will be her last year wearing this one, so I think we will just make do. I was hesitant over taking her and just dropping her off, even though we are not from the church, but Selena insisted I not stay. An hour into AWANA my phone rang and I had to jump in the car and head off to the church to calm a nervous little girl down, who had been found to be roaming the church in search of me. My little brave girl who asked me NOT to stay decided she truly was not ready for this step in her life. When I got there she was back in the classroom, happily playing, but truly gave me a huge hug and a kiss before returning back to play. This is making me look at our schedule now and looking as to how we can change some things to make it work better. I know I will be spending 2 hours on Tuesday evenings sitting at church (choke, choke) praying I can sacrifice just a little money to get some needle point or cross stitching to occupy my time there. I can see now where Wednesdays are not going to be a very productive day for neither Selena or myself. This almost makes me wonder are evening or extra activities really worth it?

Yesterday, was a day with a tired crabby Selena, and to be honest I was feeling very tired myself. There was quite a bit I would have loved to have done with Selena but with the way we were both feeling we didn’t even bother trying. We did however have fun with our new stash of buttons.


Selena had made this lovely pile of buttons, and instead of just letting her pick through them, I asked her to put them into piles from large, medium to small. She gladly went through and did just that.


We then took the buttons she put in the large pile and sorted through them again arranging them from largest to smallest.


She did the same thing with the medium sized buttons. At this point though she decided enough was enough and announced she was done playing with buttons. I felt it was an over all good lesson in that while we see things in a general way of large, medium and small, if we look closer we can see that sometimes even these groupings can be broken down even further. Can you see the math skills?

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  1. What kind of cross stitch do you like? I used to collect the kits thinking I'd do them, only to discover/remember I'm horrible at them.

    She did great with the button sort.

  2. The button activity looks fun. As for evening activities, we try very hard to avoid them. M takes dance and C is in football, but both are on Saturday mornings. Our commitment is 9:45-noon on Saturday and we have nothing else to worry about during the rest of the week. It works really well. I'm sure you'll all adjust to your schedule soon though.

  3. Awana is a hard call - I love the verses the children learn - but the evening out, especially as winter gets cold and dark, is difficult on the family, when we'd rather be all snuggled up together at home.

    I can't believe the difference in the way the vest fits - wow!

  4. I am with others on evening activities - it's just not the best time for little kids. At least Selena doesn't need to get up early next week for school :)