Thursday, August 25, 2011



I was really hoping to fit our Geography in this week. Selena finally decided to cooperate, she really wanted to more math instead. We read in our History/Geography book about Christopher Columbus, and how everyone back then thought the world was flat. We also read how maps back then basically consisted of hand made maps of just what people seen. Selena was quite surprised that there was only one Continent on a sample map that could have been from that time era. We also talked about why they thought the world was flat. Showing Selena the following picture, to reinforce why they thought this might the case.


Selena was able to easily see how many might think you would fall off the earth if you got too far out in the ocean. She exclaimed that it truly did look like the ocean stopped at the sky.

I then took a piece of paper and made Selena do her little exercise to determine which direction was North in our house, and asked her to sit in a chair at our table facing North. She then had to draw according to North, South, East and West what was in our house. Selena understood what she was suppose to draw, but asked me to do the drawing for her while she told me about the things she seen. Then she was suppose to color it, as you will see she started coloring, but then decided she had enough and was finished. Even a star sticker to put in the place of where she was sitting was not enough to make her finish her coloring.


While this is much like what we did last year in mapping out our house, we took it one more step to get the direction compass on this one and to use it to make our map truly represent more of the layout of the rooms she could see.

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  1. I love the map she drew. I desperately need to write posts. I am so behind.

  2. I like how you approach maps slowly based on her interest. Anna often feels the same way about coloring - she finds it very boring unless it's something that is part of a bigger project.

  3. It is interesting to see their understanding about geography grow as they get older. Thanks for sharing your maps with us.

  4. I love your approach to facilitating learning! I also found that my children preferred me to do the drawing (or writing) in some situations- if it keeps the process moving, that is great.