Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 2 of School

Selena woke up yesterday and was a bit on the crabby side. We sat down to do some math but she just wasn’t really into doing math. She counted very easily to 100 then told me she was done, and pushed her math book away. She was really having a rough day. She had looked out and due to the marine layer everything was gray so she informed me it was going to snow soon. We had to remind her that it was still summer.

By evening though she really had something huge to investigate. Can you see what she is holding?


Excuse the lipstick, she decided to help herself into my lip gloss and boy did she have fun applying it. Anyway back to what she is holding, can you see it? Do you know what it is?


Now you should be able to see what she is holding. If your still unsure what she has in her hand it is hay! They brought in what should be the last of the hay for the horses, so we had to go out and investigate. I told Selena to smell it, feel it and to see if she could get a little bit for some future studies and examination. Upon grabbing a hand full, our very nice landlord went in and got her some more. Now let’s see if you can see the difference in what Selena grabbed and what our landlord gave her.


The piece on the left is what Selena grabbed, the piece on the right is the one that was given to her. One is a better grade of hay, and costs lots more. We will investigate this more later.


Like me, Selena really does love the smell of hay. We hope you return to see what all we discover about hay.

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  1. Just reading this post made me sneeze! :)

  2. The smell of hay does evoke a lot of good childhood memories of ponies.

  3. alfalfa, I bet that might be some of what he gave her. I used to ride and I'd sneak some home to my rabbit because she loved alfalfa.

  4. Ah, bad weather can put such a damper on the mood. Hay investigation made me remember yet again that Selena is now a farm girl :)

  5. I love seeing kids get hands on investigating!