Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Combining Reading with Math

This year Selena has decided that she loves Math more then Reading. I love the way their interests change from one year to the next. In order to keep her Reading practice going while building on her Math skills, I stayed up Monday night and wrote out several story problems.


On Tuesday morning I explained to Selena what she was suppose to do. At first she looked a little uncertain as I told her she had to read the story problems on her own, set up the math problem using the cheerios, and her math buddies, then solve the problem for me.


Since it was math, Selena jumped right in and read the story problem. After she finished reading it through once, I had her go back and read it a second time, this time she had to set up her math problem.


Then she had to solve the problem and correctly mark the answer at the bottom of the page. She also had to help me write out the problem on the chalk board.


My plan is to continue to work math this way, building more difficult story problems, as well as throwing in challenge problems. I do have to add that I was very proud with Selena’s ability to read and set her math problems up all by herself with no prompts from me. Now to reinforce her skills with a math workbook page this afternoon.

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  1. I love how these story buddies are making math work for her so well.

  2. Anna loves story problems - she is the opposite and approaches it cheerfully as a chance to read and answer questions :) I do agree that this is an awesome way to combine reading, writing and math.

  3. Fantastic way to combine reading and math in one lesson!

  4. Great idea! And as she progresses you can combine writing her own story problems with math too!