Saturday, July 30, 2011

What My Child Has Been Reading

We have had little time to go to the library with the move, not only that but I truly did not want books out on loan as we were packing and unpacking. There was not a lack of reading here in our home though. Selena’s first BIG discovery was her own library of books. While we are still organizing, this is what Selena gets to see everyday.


Selena got the thrill of picking out one of my chapter books that we could read together, then she gets to pick out numerous books that she gets to read with, to me, or to herself. She also has quite a collection of books in her newly bookcase headboard in her bedroom.

On The Banks

The first Chapter book that Selena chose was On the Banks of Plum Creek, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She said she chose this book because she loved all the Little House books we read before. I read at least one chapter to her at night, sometimes she wants me to squeeze in two chapters. Then she takes the book from me and has to try to read it herself.


Pretty soon she tires of that and runs to grab a book off her shelf or out of her bedroom and asks me to help her read. We have a little game where we read the book together, I read parts of the sentence and Selena has to read the rest. When we are done with this then Selena has to sit back to read the book all by herself. I am not going to even attempt in this post to show you every book we have been reading, since there has been so many. Keep checking back though as I will be sharing some of the new finds that Selena has found in her library, right now there is still just so much excitement on her part that I can hardly keep track of all the books she reads through the day.


I am just so happy that my little Selena loves to read and has found so much joy in all the books that are like brand new to her, even though some I have had for many years, put away in storage. It is so exciting for me to finally have my books in one place on shelves, and accessible.

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  1. Your new space is just sounding better and better - I'm so glad you've found such a perfect fit!

  2. I love your big bookcase! We got Plum Creek as an audio book once, but Anna didn't like the start, and we still didn't read the whole book.

  3. I love reading the Little House books and sharing that with my son. What a great library book case too.

  4. Very nice bookshelves! How nice that Selena is enjoying reading so much now!

    Every once in a while, I try to take a break from library books so the kids can rediscover their own collection of books!

  5. Love the bookshelves, and I totally know what you mean about library books.

    At some point I'm going to have to break down and try the LIttle House books again, for some reason I didn't really like them as a girl.

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