Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Move Update

I have been a busy bee around here. I just about have all the little stuff moved in and unpacked at the new house. Today I hope to finish up the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. Saturday is the BIG move. We pick up the U-Haul truck at 10:00 and with one load we will be moved in.

We were a little disappointed as the crew we were going to move us wasn’t available so we thought we would have to wait another week. Our Landlord pulled together some men and with himself they will will move us Saturday. I have to say some people in our town try to get us to run our Landlord down, but he has always been very fair and good to us. How many people can say that their Landlord will do as much as ours has done? I believe some have had bad experiences with him, but as my brother put it, “You find bad renters that can create for bad Landlords, and good tenants that can create for good Landlords, this can also go the other way.”

We are all so excited and so ready to get settled in. Selena still has her mixed emotions but I know she just truly doesn’t understand this whole move process. I know she will probably always consider our little house as her home, since it is the only home she knows, but I also know that as memories are made, new experiences are had, and all the new space explored she will quickly adjust and be a very happy little girl. She loves to go to the new home, but I know right now she is still worried that we will not be taking all our things over.

With all this said, I will be unplugged for a little while. It shouldn’t be long before my Internet will be turned back on. This is not goodbye, but just a so long until I get things pulled all together.

Remember I do have two reviews plus a giveaway coming up in my absence, so keep an eye out for those.

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  1. Good luck with the move!

    I love the way your brother put it about the landlord. Well said.

  2. Have a good move! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. Good luck with this move! I hope all goes well, and Selena settles in quickly. She will love her new house, I am sure of it!

  4. I hope it all goes quickly and easily. Sounds like you have a lot of help and that is nice.

  5. What an awesome landlord!

    Enjoy the move