Friday, June 17, 2011

I Will Be Back

This will probably be my last post until we get our Internet hooked up in the new house. I do have another exciting book review coming scheduled to post soon though so look for that, I think it will be a book all of you will love!

Yesterday, our manager came over and helped us move Selena’s swing. It was so cute as we loaded the swing set onto his trailer. We decided she needed to have one last swing before hauling it off, so she climbed up on the trailer and onto her swing, with  a huge smile on her face she took her last swing on her swing set. At that moment oh how I wish I would have had my camera. She broke down and cried though as he started to pull away with it. She loves where it is sitting up at the new house and played on it while I unpacked the car. The back yard is like it’s own little park for her. Too bad it isn’t fenced in.

Last night unexpectedly our landlord showed up with a trailer. He came to move the washer and dryer. As it ended up he took much more. We could be totally moved in today. I have to take Michael for his colonoscopy but wouldn’t be a bit surprised to come  home to an empty house here and a full house at our new place. If that is the case believe me this will be the easiest move I have ever made having everyone else do the work for me.

Selena is feeling a little anxious about this move and is still not sure about it. We had a good little talk yesterday about her feelings. I told her it was OK for her to feel the way she was feeling and that she will always have many fond memories of our little house since it was her first home. She seemed to settle down after we talked, but she still wouldn’t go up and spend the night with me sleeping in sleeping bags, she wants her bed to be delivered first.

Remember to check back for my next review, and I will be around as soon as my Internet gets turned on at the new house. I am sure I will have a whole lot to share with pictures to go along with it. Have fun and know that even with as busy as I will be unpacking I will be thinking and missing all of you.

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  1. Wow, that does sound like an easy move. I think I had a similar level of move when we moved into this house because we had a LOT of friends from small group come help, and I wasn't allowed to do a thing being pregnant with the boys.

  2. Our move was well thought out, but Anna was very sick when we moved, so I don't have fond memories of it. Our friends helped a lot. One of them had a birthday on that day, but she helped to help and we celebrated her birthday with pizza. I hope you are back online soon. Looking forward to more pictures!

  3. I'm glad things are going along well with your move, and I hope you are settled in soon!

  4. I am missing your blog posts! Come back soon!